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Are you trying to find the perfect casino that has the perfect combination of impressive game selection, juicy bonuses, amazing software and fast payouts? Well, thanks to our rigorous online casino reviews and overview, you will be able to find a site that exceeds all your expectations.

Top Real Money Online Casinos 2021

Below you will find our expert choices for the best online casino sites in 2021. If you are after a specialized casino, we will also break down the best no deposit, live, new and mobile-optimized sites. If your goal is to win real money and grow your bankroll, then these are the sites you need to play at:

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Online Casino Reviews Algorithm

That You Can Trust

When building our online casino guides, we don’t rely on existing reviews on the web. No, we personally and extensively test the sites’ payment methods, bonuses, customer service and most importantly, their games. Our personal approach allows us to deliver you accurate and superior casino ratings.

Reading The Terms And Conditions

Reading The Terms And Conditions

Online casinos are masters at slipping in hidden clauses into their terms and conditions and using phrases that can be confusing to beginner gamblers. That is why the first step in our testing process is assessing a site’s T&Cs. If we find a site’s negatively affects a player’s betting experience, we won’t recommend the platform.

Claiming The Bonus

Claiming The Bonus

A lot of casino bonuses do not live up to the hype once you actually read the terms and conditions and actually claim them. To ensure we only recommend the best bonuses for our readers, we personally claim the bonus and test meets all the requirements. When testing a bonus, we are looking for ones that offer the most potential money, have low playthrough requirements, don’t cap winnings and allow bettors to play a variety of games.

Testing Casino Games

Testing Games

A casino test wouldn’t be complete without actually playing the games. We study the variety of games on offer, the software providers and look at specific titles and analyze their graphics, themes and gameplay. We are looking for betting platforms with endless amounts of superior games.

Testing The Casino Site Withdrawals

Testing The Site Withdrawals

Nobody wants to get up big at an online casino only to find out the site makes it almost impossible to withdraw. To prevent our readers from getting money stuck on sites, we personally make withdrawals from sites. When testing withdrawals, we are looking at the speed, the different methods available and if any fees are charged. We prefer casinos that payout within 48 hours, do not charge any fees and allow players to withdraw via multiple methods, including bank transfer, e-wallets and crypto.

Contacting Customer Service

Contacting Customer Service

Is there a worse feeling than when you are waiting for a deposit or withdrawal, or there is something wrong with your account, and you can’t receive any help? To prevent that situation, we reach out to customer service and test how easy it is to contact them and their level of professionalism when responding. The best online casinos have 24/7 customer support which can be contacted through chat, email and phone and is always looking to help the bettors.

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If your goal is to win real money and grow your bankroll, then these are the sites you need to play at:

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We know how much our readers like games with actual live dealers. Find below amazing live online casinos:

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Distinctive Features Of Best Online Casinos

Industry-leading betting sites dominate the industry thanks to a combination of their enticing bonuses, their reputation, payment methods, game variety, betting experience, mobile optimization and customer support.

Casino Bonus Offers And Promotions

Bonus Offers And Promotions

The best online casinos spend more money than their rivals on their promotional deals and put more effort into creating unique bonuses that win new bettors and retain current gamblers. At a top betting platform players get access to a range of different bonuses that stimulate betting and help players win some extra cash.

Casino Licensing And Reputation

Casino Licensing And Reputation

The most successful betting platforms are fully licensed and are committed to following strict regulations surrounding protecting player data and providing fair games. Due to this, these sites build reputations of being safe online casinos, and consequently, bettors flock to them.

Banking Options Available

Banking Options Available

Gambling sites that can offer players fast and fee-free withdrawals and deposits prove far more popular with bettors than sites that can’t. Betting platforms further distance themselves from their competition by providing gamblers with access to the most popular payment methods.

Casino Games Library

Game Library

If you have browsed the games section of a world-class betting site, you may be shocked to see just how many games they have on offer. The best sites have thousands of different slot titles with more paylines than you can imagine. You can find all popular table games and games with actual dealers there.

Overall Gaming Experience

Overall Gaming Experience

Superior betting platforms have well-designed sites and apps that just make it easy to gamble. Their sites have a great user interface and navigation, ensuring that gamblers can quickly find their favorite game and enjoy browsing the site when trying to find a new lucky title to try out. You won’t ever have to worry about software freezing or unexpected maintenance when playing at a top site.

Live And Mobile Play

Live And Mobile Play

With so many gamblers betting from their phones, if a site wants to keep customers happy, it has to be fully mobile optimized. You will find the best betting sites that allow mobile users to have full functionality and have even produced their very own apps, which can be used by all devices.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer support is an area where truly great online casinos separate themselves from their competitors. At a world-class site, you will be able to easily contact customer support, and they will help you solve any and all of your issues rapidly.

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A new online casino can help bettors access high-value bonuses and the latest games. If you want to gamble at the best new sites, then see our list below:

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More and more bettors prefer to gamble online from their mobile devices. To find online casinos that only have the highest levels of mobile optimization:

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Gambling Regulations For Different Countries

Taking part in gambling is a responsible activity. Every player should be aware that online casinos are about entertainment, not about making money. Sometimes gamblers cannot cope with their addiction and Be Gamble Aware comes to their rescue. Among other things, many countries have restrictions or special rules on gambling activities. Below you will find an outline of gambling regulations in major English speaking countries:

United States Gambling

United States

The rules surrounding online gamblings in the US as every state has its own version of the law. Currently, domestic operators are able to offer online betting products in certain states such as Las Vegas and New Jersey. There is a major push to have online gambling legalized across the country, which looks likely to happen within 2 years. The US government has taken a mixed approach to deal with international betting sites, while US citizens are allowed to play, the government occasionally goes after offshore casinos and tries to shut them down. Due to this sometimes aggressive approach, many sites do not allow US players.

United Kingdom Gambling

United Kingdom

Online gambling was fully legalized in the UK in 2005. The government passed laws that allowed licensed companies to offer a full suite of betting products to Brits, including sports betting, online casino games and lotteries. The UK has one of the most regulated and successful legal online betting industries in the world.

Canada Gambling


Canadian betting companies can not offer online gambling services to Canadians. They are only allowed to provide land-based gambling. However, Canadians are free to gamble online with international sites. The Canadian government has allowed international sites and has not tried to ban these operators or punish them. Canada is in the midst of liberalizing its gambling laws, and online gambling is expected to be fully legalized next year.

Australia Gambling


It is illegal for domestic betting companies to offer online casino games to Australians. Betting sites are limited to lottery and sports betting. However, Australians can gamble at international sites legally. International sites operate in a legal grey area where the Australian government mostly tolerates their services but has shown at times to block their access to Australian citizens.

New Zealand Gambling

New Zealand

New Zealand passed a law in 2003 that prevented domestically based gaming operators from offering their services to New Zealanders. However, the law explicitly stated that New Zealanders could legally gamble online at off-shore sites. These international sites can operate legally as long as they don’t target New Zealanders in advertising campaigns.

We’ve put together a huge number of licensed online casinos and divided them up by country and region for visitors’ convenience. By clicking on the link you can find a gambling house, which officially operates in your country of residence.

How To Start Playing At Online Casinos

To start your online gaming journey, simply choose a provider, register your account, deposit and start gambling! Beginner bettors are often surprised at just how easy it is to get started gambling at online casinos. You can create an account within minutes and, thanks to fast deposits, be gambling almost immediately.

TOP Online Casino Bonus Offers

We have compiled a list of the highest valued online casino bonuses on the market. Thanks to our selection, you will have access to exclusive bonus codes and promotions. These bonuses can help you increase your winnings and give your bankroll a nice little boost.

Free Spins

Free Spins

Free spins involve giving gamblers complimentary play on slot machines. Each free spin is typically worth the minimum bet on a particular slot title. This type of bonus usually comes with a wagering requirement, and there are restrictions on the types of slots that can be played, often high RTP titles are excluded.

Reload Bonus

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is the same as a deposit bonus, but it is for existing bettors who have already made a deposit. Reload deals work just like deposit promotions, but they are usually not as high value as sites are willing to spend more to win a customer than retain one.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus

To attract new players, a betting site will give them a deposit or welcome bonus. Online casinos will match a bettor’s deposit with bonus money. For example, if you deposit $100, the site will give $100 in bonus cash. To withdraw this cash, you will have to follow the site’s terms and conditions, which include wagering requirements, expirations dates and betting restrictions.

Casino Cashback


Seasoned gamblers are always on the hunt for cashback deals as they can help return thousands of dollars back to players. In a cashback promotion, an online casino agrees to refund a percentage of a bettor’s losses. For example, if you have a 10% cashback deal and you lose $1000, the casino will return $100. Cashback deals often run for specified periods of time and are only available on certain games.

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No deposit bonuses are extremely popular among casino players. They are ideal for an initial introduction to an online casino. Below you will find some awesome sign-up bonuses:

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Online VS Land-Based Gambling

Online and land-based gambling both have their own unique advantages. Let’s look at what both forms of betting bring to the table:

Online Gambling VS Land-Based Gambling
Convenient – When betting online, you don’t have to worry about travelling to your nearest casino. You can simply open the online site in the comfort of your own home and start playing. Safety – The odds of being scammed or cheated at a land-based casino are much lower than at an online site. Land-based casinos are subject to much stricter regulations, and they can’t hide offshore or behind online anonymity.
Faster Action – Due to software and automation, online casinos allow players to play more hands and make more bets. For example, online blackjack is up to 10x faster than traditional casino blackjack. This is great for gamblers who are looking for a more intense thrill or who are time-sensitive. No Transaction Fees – When depositing and withdrawing at an offline casino, you won’t have to worry about being charged fees. When betting online, fees are common and can quickly add up, reducing your winnings.
Bonuses – Online betting sites share their promotional budget with all players by allowing even small stake gamblers to enjoy bonuses such as deposit, reload, free spins and cashback. To unlock these types of deals at offline casinos, you often need to be a whale with a 6 figure plus bankroll. Instant Cashouts – Land-based gambling spots allow you to instantly convert your chips to cash. You don’t have to wait for days or even weeks for them to approve your request, which does happen at some online sites.
Privacy – Not all players can be seen gambling in public as it may harm their image or jeopardize their career. Online sites allow these bettors to still enjoy the thrills of wagering while protecting their anonymity. Social Element – Land-based casinos can be a great social outing where you meet up with friends, enjoy some food and drink and do a bit of betting. It is hard to recreate this social event online.
Game variety – Unless you live right next to the strip in Las Vegas, the range of games at online casinos is much greater. At a single online casino, it is common to find hundreds of different slot titles alone. You will also have access to classic table games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as unique offerings only found online. Legal – When playing at a land-based casino, you don’t have to worry about potentially breaking the law. This is not the case with certain online casinos, as international sites do not always follow regulations in your home country.
Privacy – Not all players can be seen gambling in public as it may harm their image or jeopardize their career. Online sites allow these bettors to still enjoy the thrills of wagering while protecting their anonymity. Social Element – Land-based casinos can be a great social outing where you meet up with friends, enjoy some food and drink and do a bit of betting. It is hard to recreate this social event online.
Payment Methods – The choice of payment methods is much more extensive at online casinos as players can use credit cards and even cryptocurrency. Good luck trying to buy into a game with your Bitcoin or Ethereum at a land-based gambling spot.

Online Casino Games And Providers

In our reviews, we only recommend online casinos where you can win real money and enjoy a variety of different games from the best software providers on the market. Here are some of the game types and developers that can be found at our recommended casinos:


Slots are by far the most played game online. Gamblers enjoy the large jackpots, which can reach 7 figures, the ability to autoplay and the interesting symbols. At our selected casinos, you will find thousands of different slots to choose from.


If you are looking for an easy game without any thinking involved, then try some roulette. Just select a bet on red or black or choose your lucky number and color combination, and off you go! Roulette is great for new gamblers who aren’t interested in strategic gameplay.


Baccarat is your game if you enjoy wild volatility where a single round of the game could see you winning thousands. Baccarat is very easy to learn as bettors only have 3 options: bet on their hand, the dealer’s or on a tie.


Blackjack remains one of the most played games in online casinos. Players really enjoy the strategic decision making which can impact the casino’s edge. At online casinos, you can find different versions of blackjack, including regular and speed.


NetEnt is a high-end game designer hailing from Scandinavia. They have built a reputation for creating slots with amazing graphics, resolution and gameplay. Their most played games include Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Jack Hammer. Go to our recommended sites and demo them now!


Microgaming might be the most famous gaming developer in the world after first surfacing in the 1990s. The UK company claims to have produced the first online casino games and pioneered mobile betting software. Microgaming’s most famous titles include Jurassic World and Lara Croft.


Yggdrasil is another Scandinavian gaming software company that puts out impressive slots that have a diehard fanbase. Their titles which are known for having captivating and enjoyable gameplay, are very popular bettors Double Dragons, Holmes and the Stolen Stones and Jungle Books.


Playtech is without a doubt a gaming industry legend and has been a major player since the late 90s. Playtech is known for always being ahead of the curve and produces a full suite of gaming products, including live games, lotteries, bingo, slots, poker and sports wagering.

Why Trust Our Site

Our site is trustworthy thanks to our independent status, verifiable information, review methodology and expert status.

Independent status – We do not accept money from sites to write reviews. All content produced on our site is written without bias, and we always let the facts speak for themselves.

Verifiable information – All of the information in our reviews can be verified through 3rd party resources, at the casino’s own site or by contacting the casino directly. If you find a discrepancy in our information, please contact us, and we will amend any errors.

Review methodology – We don’t just reproduce existing reviews found online. We create betting accounts, deposit, use bonuses and actually play the games. By filling the bettor’s shoes, we can create the most accurate views on the web.

Expert status – We are industry insiders who have spent years studying, working and gambling in the betting industry. This experience allows us to give unique insights into casinos that other sites can’t match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Playing In Online Casino Legal?

Whether or not playing at an online casino is legal depends on the laws in your country and the specific site where you are gambling. Before playing, make sure it is legal to bet online in your country, and the site you have chosen is licensed to operate.

How Do I Register At An Online Casino?

To register and play at an online casino, follow these steps:

  • Select any casino from our list and head to their site
  • Click the register/create account button
  • Fill in account details- provide ID, name, residency, mobile number and date of birth
  • Confirm your account through email or mobile
  • Top up your balance – you can use a variety of methods such as crypto, debit and credit cards, e-wallets and bank transfer
  • Time to make some bets!

What Is The Best Casino To Play Online In 2021?

We advise you to choose any casino from our list. We have thoroughly reviewed all our recommended sites and are convinced they will provide you with a superior gaming experience.

Can I Play At An Online Casino From My Phone?

Yes, the vast majority of online casinos are fully mobile optimized, and you can enjoy full functionality. Some casinos even have dedicated mobile apps which are available for both iOs and Android.